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Configure Exchange with IPhone

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  • Configure Exchange with IPhone

    Hi Guys,

    We have exchange 2003 in clustered enviornment, and OWA server for Outlook Web Access and outlook any where, Black Berry server for Sync with Black Berry phones.

    Now we need to configure(add feature ) exhcnage to sync with IPhone.

    Please advise if the below configs are correct.

    - Configure/Enable IMAP in OWA server
    - Configure/enable IMAP in Exhcnage(clustered) servers
    - RPC is alerady enabled
    - OWA is aleady enabled

    - is there any changes required in ISA server???

    Your response will eb highly appreciated.


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    Re: Configure Exchange with IPhone

    You don't use IMAP for the iPhone.

    Not unless you are using devices that are three years old and have never been updated.
    The iPhone has supported ActiveSync for at least the last two years.

    Therefore if you are already using OWA then you have almost nothing else to do. Ensure that ActiveSync is enabled in ESM under Mobile Settings, and then use ActiveSync on the device.

    You might have to publish the ActiveSync directory through ISA, but there is documentation elsewhere on how to do that.

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      Re: Configure Exchange with IPhone

      Hi Sembee,

      Thanks for you reply, For ISA I'll google, how to publish a rule particularly for active/sync, I think for test purposes, IPhone emulator will help me.

      With regards to your advise about Active sync under ESM under mobile settings,

      Could you please see the attached picture, are these the settings/options you are advising to ensure or some thing else?

      NB: NHSCEVS(Left Snapshot) is my Clustered Exchange server, VS01OWA1(right snapshot) is my OWA server.


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        Re: Configure Exchange with IPhone

        Hi, Guys,

        IPhone is working with exchange server,

        I used below toll to check the configs:

        as Active Sync was already been configured, This link helped me alot:

        and one small change, and I was good to go:
        open up Exchange System Manager, Global Settings, Mobile Services Properties, Device Security Button, Exceptions Button, then add your account to the exceptions list.

        Thanks All,