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Moving Exchange 2003 to a Different Domain

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  • Moving Exchange 2003 to a Different Domain

    The university I work for has decided to centralize e-mail hosting with one campus, rather than having each campus manage its own e-mail.

    However, each campus wants to keep their users' current e-mail addresses, even thought the domain names are different.

    eg, will be hosting all e-mail, but we want [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc., to keep their current e-mail addresses.

    The main campus is running Exchange 2007, and my campus is running one Exchange 2003 server.

    We have separate active directory forests and domains. Although a university-wide active directory forest is probably in our future, the e-mail move will take place before that.

    Has anyone here done anything like this before? If so, what are some pitfalls to beware of?

    And if anyone can point me to some documentation and/or best practices on this subject, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still trying to tailor my Google searches to return more wheat and less chaff.

    UPDATE: I edited this slightly, because my choice of wording made it sound like we were planning to move the actual server. That is not the case. Only the data will be moved, to be hosted on the main campus's Exchange 2007 servers.
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    Re: Moving Exchange 2003 to a Different Domain

    Sounds like a normal cross-org Exchange 2003 --> Exchange 2007 migration, so I bet you will have your university-wide AD sooner then you currently think, at least for eMail.

    Plenty of documentations around the web for this case.