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Auto Accept Agent Exchange 2003

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  • Auto Accept Agent Exchange 2003

    i need that appointments for some mailbox will be accept automaticlly with no outlook2003 client .
    1.i have installed Auto Accept Agent on exchange 2003 as a Local System service.
    2.then i edit the AutoAccept.config.xml file so i put the smtp address of the resource mailbox that will accept the appoitnments.
    3.Registering Event Sink on Mailboxes with this command : cscript RegisterMailbox.vbs /f:mailboxes.txt
    in the mailboxes.txt i wrote the smtp address of the resource mailbox.
    4.restat the Auto Accept Agent service.

    this is not working for send an appointment to this mailbox and the request stay in the inbox....

    Does Someone use this feature and can help me????

    Aviv Hassidim
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