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Unable to receive emails from 3 customers

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  • Unable to receive emails from 3 customers

    We're running sbs2003 sp2 on a small single server network. Of the hundreds of clients we correspond with, there are just 3 that are unable to either reply to our emails or send us emails. This issue arose when we changed from receiving our emails by a pop3 account hosted by our ISP to having Exchange receive them directly by changing our mx records, etc. The incoming emails that are being rejected do not show in the syslog of our router, are not in our spam quarantine server, and are not in the SMTP log files. I disabled the Spamblocker in our router so all emails were being allowed to pass to the workstations, and the emails from these 3 clients still did not show either as junk mail or in the SMTP log files. In ESM I checked the Message Delivery Properties tabs and saw nothing that should reject any emails. On the Intelligent Message Filtering tab the SCL is set to 8. Any suggestions, I'm lost like the emails our server is rejecting?

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    Re: Unable to receive emails from 3 customers

    Have you checked Message Tracking? If the email addresses aren't showing in Message Tracking then the messages haven't got as far as Exchange before being bounced. If Exchange is bouncing them they should appear and tell you that an NDR has been sent. Sounds like the messages aren't getting as far as Exchange though. Do the external clients get an NDR when sending to you?
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      Re: Unable to receive emails from 3 customers

      Thanks for your fast response. The messages do not show in Message tracking and they are not in the log files located at C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\SMTPSVC1. Here is the error message sent to us by our customer who can't send us emails.

      Your message: Fw: Visit was not delivered to: <[email protected]> because: Router: Failed to connect to SMTP host OURDOMAIN.COM because : The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing network problems. Contact your system administrator if this problem persists.

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        Re: Unable to receive emails from 3 customers

        are the clients public sector by any chance? like a council or school etc..

        Ive had issues with symantec firewalls rejecting mails from such orginsations on how it reads the email header...
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          Re: Unable to receive emails from 3 customers

          That error is a straight cannot connect error. Completely out of your control. The other end need to diagnose it - verifying that they are getting the correct MX records for your domain and can connect to port 25. Until the message arrives on your server it is not your problem.

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