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Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

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  • Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

    I'm trying to configure a send as-rights on about 5 public folders, but i keep getting the message:
    • You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.
    The situation is as follows:I followed notes on this forum and on the article of Neil Hobson, but what ever i do, it keeps generating erros. I also configured the administrative rights "Send as" on the public folder, i configured "Send on behalf" but even that generated the same error. Also for the public folder with e-mailadres [email protected], for which in fact the VS FQDN is right.

    What do i overlook?

    Regards, Hans

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

    I would really appreciate some advice... Allthough many have posted about problems around this issue, i haven't found a clue that worked for me.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

      Bouncing threads is not allowed, especially when less than 24 hours has passed since the original post.

      Remember all contributions are voluntary, and depend on members having free time to contribute. If you want help in a definite timescale, raise a support incident with Microsoft and PAY for it.
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        Re: Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

        Are the Send As permissions still there?
        It can take two hours before the change takes effect.
        If the user who has been granted the permission is a protected account then it will remove the Send As permission.

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          Re: Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

          Right now you mix up two things, your posted error message states a error in the receiving area which has nothing to do with "send-as" permissions.

          So the question is where is your real error, sending to specific recipients or sending as a Public Folder?


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            Re: Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

            Hi Sembee,

            Thanks for your help. The protected account indeed was confusing, as it didn't work with normal users nor with the administrator account (that had all rights). Does this only goes for the administrator or for anyone who's member of the domain admin's group?

            Atleast now i've got it working, i think i made the following mistakes.

            - User has to be both owner of the folder at the "Client permissions" form as have to have full rights at the "Directory rights" form. } client permissions i'd set Publishing Author, the other i had right.
            - When sending, i have to go to the address book, change the view to "Public folders" and manually select the public folder. } The name of the public folder was the same as the e-mailaddress (that was desired). Only typing the e-mailadress didn't somehow resolve to the public folder, instead i think it just approoved the e-mailaddress formatting. Now, when selecting the PF, it works.

            I'm not sure weather i can use (security/disctribution)groups or that i have to add every user individually, but this is already a start. Can you tell me if i can work with groups?

            The other thing now then is, how can i make Outlook resolve a PF name when typing from the "From"-field? I already changed the name from "[email protected]" to "Domain1. com - Info". But when i type this name, Outlook can't find it.

            Regards, Hans


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              Re: Exchange 2003 Public folder, send as problem

              I think you're probably right (at least partly), as i had the folder names in the format "[email protected]" and Outlook didn't resolve to the public folder but just was checking the e-mailadress format (as if i would send from a e-mailadres that isn't in the GAL or Contacts list).