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Second Exchange Server External Email failing

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  • Second Exchange Server External Email failing

    Ok heres the background on my situation. This is a little strange but bare with me.

    About 6 Months ago, I had two domain controllers, one was an exchange server. I had several email boxes on it, and all was working well. I had to take that DC offline until about a week ago(dont ask why its complicated), and setup email using a 3rd party. About a month ago, I setup a new exchange server, using new accounts/mailboxes for the old email addresses. This also worked fine. Now, about a week ago, I brought the old DC back online. After about a day of pain, I managed to resolve most if not all AD issues. I can even access mailboxes on the old server, and can send to the old email boxes using the temporary email addresses i created for them(xxxold where xxx is the actual name of the account running on the new server). However, when I go to send out from the old server to an external address, messages get stuck in the queue. Heres what I have done to try to get this to work:

    I set up an smtp connector for the routing group containing both servers, and added the new server as the local bridge head. I changed the permissions on the virtual smtp server on the new server to allow pretty much anything from the old exchange server)in connection filtering, relay restrictions, etc).
    Also, I had my external name configured in the smtp virtual server FQDN location under advanced. I was noticing that in the event logs I had a warning from msexchangetransport about a connection attempt, that was pointing to the externam address that the fqdn would point to. I changed the fqdn on the VS properties on the new server to the internal fqdn, and I no longer recieve that warning, but the messages are still stuck in queue, with a status of "the remote server did not respond".

    Let me also clarrify how I am wanting/expecting this to work: I want all outbound email to go through the new server, rather than each send its own out. I also dont understand why I had to change the properties on the VS on the new server to stop receiving that warning. Isnt exchange smart enough to pull the server addresses from AD or something and not that spot?

    Fixed: Issue was AD replication. Forgot the old DC/exchange server is in another site, so default replication was set to not happen for a while. Manually replicated and worked worked worked and worked.
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