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    We have 3 Exchange 2003 mailbox servers in our organization. Each server has its own OWA URL. On the inside, the OWA URL is typically the server FQDN/exchange. On the outside, we have public DNS records and NATs to forward correctly to the respective server. We also set up split DNS inside so that the public DNS works inside as well.

    From inside our LAN, if I go to the URL of a different OWA server, it automatically redirects me to the FQDN/exchange URL of my mailbox server. Very nice. The problem is accomplishing this from the outside. I'd like to update the OWA URL's to use the outside DNS names so that if someone logs in against one OWA URL from outside, they correctly get referred to another server.

    This was never an issue before because we were three isolated business units doing business more independently before. Things have changed though, and we'd like to have one public web page with an OWA link. I'm hoping that link could be one of the 3 OWA servers, and it could redirect to the public DNS name of the correct partner OWA server.

    Is this possible to do without a front-end server or ISA server?

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    Re: Change OWA URL

    I think the solution is to set up an Exchange 2003 front-end server.


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      Re: Change OWA URL

      Frontend server is the only solution here if you want a single URL for each server, or the users to be able to access any server and be redirected to the correct one.

      Exchange 2003 will only redirect the users to the correct server's real name, so if you are using non-resolvable names internally (server.example.local) then that will not work.
      The only way would be to have each server with a unique name and the users to know which server they are on.

      The only other option is to upgrade to Exchange 2007, which can proxy/redirect to the correct external URL.

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