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Handling mail for a newly acquired company

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  • Handling mail for a newly acquired company

    We're running Server 2k3 and Exchange 2k3. We recently purchased another company that is not using AD or Exchange.

    We're and they're

    I'd like new tree called and have us host their e-mail in our Exchange environment. I'd also like to keep their e-mail addresses as [email protected]. Finally, I'd like to migrate their mail from the existing POP3 server to our Exchange server. What are the general steps I'll need to complete to make this happen?


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    Re: Handling mail for a newly acquired company

    I don't know what you mean when you say "I'd like new tree called", but as far as hosting their email here are the general steps:

    1. Modify your Recipient Policy to add
    2. Change the MX record for to point to your Exchange server.
    3. Create user accounts and mailboxes in ADUC for the users.
    4. Import the pst files for the users into their new Exchange mailboxes.


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      Re: Handling mail for a newly acquired company

      Hmmm...I see. So if I wanted them to log into a DC that I manage (either here or in their office), their username would be [email protected] instead of [email protected], correct? And I'd have to add their PCs to our domain?


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        Re: Handling mail for a newly acquired company

        Not neccessarily. Do you want them to log in to the domain to access resources other than email? If you only want them to access email, then you can create user accounts and mailboxes for them in the domain and they can configure their email client to connect to the email server and provide their username\password. If you want them to access resources in the domain, you can add their computers to the domain or you can create a trust between the and the domains.


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          Re: Handling mail for a newly acquired company

          You have confused the WINDOWS domain with the SMTP domain.

          If you want those users to login as [email protected] then you just add that as an additional UPN to the domain. Has nothing to do with the email address domain.

          The machines do not have to be a member of the domain for Exchange use. If you are using RPC over HTTPS then the users can login to Exchange that way with Outlook.

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