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  • Recurring Meetings Jumped Forward

    Hi all-

    Well an unexpected issue has arisen after this latest DST change. It was brought to my attention that several instances of recurring meetings in our company have jumped forward by one hour.

    After some investigation I have also noticed that these same affected meetings are showing their correct time in April, so the one hour jump seems to have only occurred in the current month of March.

    I've tried running the Outlook rebasing tool on my PC since I am one of the affected users with a weekly staff meeting that has jumped ahead by an hour. This tool has not helped. My Blackberry and OWA also reflect this same jump. I have also tried adding an end date to a couple of these recurring meetings as I read something which stated our symptom could be caused by not having an end date.

    This did nothing either. I am hoping one of the experts here may have come across this issue before or might have some suggestions of what else I can check.

    We are running Exchange 2003 SP2 on a fully patched server.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Recurring Meetings Jumped Forward


    You can try using calendar update tool. This tool can be run on client side.
    Thanks & Regards

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      Re: Recurring Meetings Jumped Forward

      Thank you for your response. However, I have tried running both server and client side tools already, the Outlook Time Zone Data Update Tool and Exchange Calendar Update Tool to be specific.

      Neither found anything that was off.