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Exchange 2003: Unable to create Exchange mailbox

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  • Exchange 2003: Unable to create Exchange mailbox


    I have built a new Win 2K3 domain in a lab environment. This is a very simple domain, there is only one domain in the forest.

    I have also installed a stand-alone Exchange 2K3 server (Win 2K3 OS). This is the only Exchange server in the domain, the server only has one storage group. I am unable to create mailboxes on this server. I create a new user in AD and create the Exchange mailbox at the same time. The operation completes successfully and there are no errors in the Event Viewer.

    Netdiag and dcdiag pass all tests.

    All Exchange attributes are added to the user. When viewing Exchange Tasks for the user I have the option to remove Exchange mailbox (i.e. everything looks like the mailbox is there but it does not appear in Exchange System Manager).

    I have disabled Windows firewall, deleted and recreated the domain RUS, and restarted services and performed a full reboot several times without success.

    I am a novice Windows admin so it is possible that I have missed something simple.

    Any guidance on what could be causing this issue is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Exchange 2003: Unable to create Exchange mailbox

    I assume you are unable to find your mailbox in System Manager console. Is this is so, just log into your mailbox or send an email to this newly created mailbox. It'll initiate your mailbox and you'll be able to see it in the System Manager console.



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      Re: Exchange 2003: Unable to create Exchange mailbox

      what anupam said - it wn't appear till an email is sent to it, or it's lolgged on to
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        Re: Exchange 2003: Unable to create Exchange mailbox

        Thanks, that fixed the problem!

        We are not an Exchange shop for mail, we only use it for the back-end store of our voicemail system. We have only created mailboxes in the past using the front-end voicemail system which must automatically log in and initialize the mailbox.

        Told you I was a newbie! Thanks again!!