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how to move owa from exchange 2000->2003

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  • how to move owa from exchange 2000->2003


    I have post problem but it seems that no one pay attention so i will ask again

    I need to move OWA from exchange 2000 -> 2003 in the same organization

    I don't want to remove the exist exchange 2000 (DC1)

    this is my configuration

    Win2k sp4, DC + exchange 2000 exist server now is OWA

    I add another Win2k3 SP1 DC + Exchange 2003 SP1 server to the same ORG - new server

    All work good, Working in Native mode.

    Can't browse OWA in exchange 2003, only in Exchange2000
    can't create Certificate in IIS - the button is Gray.
    Public foder return Error

    Target configuration:

    Exchange 2000 will be as Frontend
    Exchange 2003 will be as backend with SSL

    Steps i know i should take:

    Exchange task - transfer mailbox to new exchange 2003
    configure my exchange 2000 as frontend
    Browse OWA in exchange 2003

    what else....
    Do i need to transfer the OWA or it will be replicated or move automatic
    Way IIS on server2k3 don't work properly.

    Need your kind help


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    Re: how to move owa from exchange 2000->2003

    As far as i can remember you will be able to access OWA on your 2000 FE box which will in turn read from the mailboxes on your 2003 box. So i would hazard a guess and say you would be accessing the 2000 OWA when picking up mail from external.

    Some one please tell me if i'm right or wrong.

    Unfortunately we don't use OWA so i'm not overly profficient in it.