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same log missing after ESEUTIL/p

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  • same log missing after ESEUTIL/p


    t-g this is in lab environment... used vmwhare to convert my mail server to virtual. My store is located on a huge drive so I couldn't convert it due to lack of space in the lab env. Anyhow, I restored the store from an older backup and had some missing logs, can't mount. Followed the MS article on "Method 3: If you cannot restore the database from a backup" run a repair, so I did (this is good hands on, as I normally can't play with the production server

    ran eseutil/p finished successfully. Now what? I start the service, the event log still showing that old missing log that I don't have.

    Do I have to defrag & run isi -fix to get it to mount? Can I somehow delete all the logs and "tell" the store to rebuild without additional logs?
    before running /p must I do anything with the current logs & checkpoint?

    thanks for all your help...

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    Re: same log missing after ESEUTIL/p

    wow nobody? I guess Simon's on vacation

    Very simple, let's say I only have priv1.edb and priv1.stm, nothing else. Can I recover?


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      Re: same log missing after ESEUTIL/p

      I'm very sorry that we missed SLA for answering your question, guess we were all getting on with our own lives and jobs.

      Last time I had an issue like this I did a repair using eseutil as you have and then moved all of the transaction logs to a temp folder. That was enough to get the store mounted and start creation of new logs. Once I got a valid backup I then deleted the old transaction logs.
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        Re: same log missing after ESEUTIL/p

        thanks for finding a moment of your time

        I forgot to move the checkpoint file elswhere, now it mounts.