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Need Help with an Exchange 2003 Project

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  • Need Help with an Exchange 2003 Project

    First - I have an Exchange 2003 Server SP2 running on Windows Server 2003 Ent SP2. The server is also an AD. I have 2nd Server running Windows Server 2003 Std and running a software named ExchangePOP3. Basically it downloads POP3 messages from our ISP and transfers them to our Exchange server.

    Now, I would like to move AD to a new server, remove AD from Exchange and then install another Exchange Server as a Front End server to remove Exchange POP3 and also have access to Outlook on the Web.

    I have looked around and researched allot and have all the peaces to do it but ofcourse not in this senerio plus a few other questions. I would appreciate the help.


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    Re: Need Help with an Exchange 2003 Project

    You are discovering just why Exchange on a DC is a bad idea

    AFAIK you will have to remove Exchange before unpromoting the server, then rebuild it and reinstall Exchange. Sembee will no doubt give you more detailed info
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      Re: Need Help with an Exchange 2003 Project

      You don't remove AD from Exchange, you remove Exchange from a domain controller.
      Therefore you will need to build a replacement Exchange server, do a standard swing migration.

      Only once it is complete can you remove Exchange using add/remove programs.

      You do not need to have a frontend server to drop the POP3 connector and to use OWA. A single server can do that for you. The only thing you would need to do is purchase a commercial SSL certificate, which can be had for US$30.

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        Re: Need Help with an Exchange 2003 Project

        After lots of research and help like yours I am understanding this project, more and more. I love your article thanks for the link as well. I understand you state I don't need a front end server but we have it available and it just seems much better to use and also help with performance. So I would like to ask you a few questions.

        1. I am building a new AD what do I name it? We own ""

        2. What do I name the back end server?

        3. What do I name the front end server?

        Although I understand all this I don't mind asking an Expert.



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          Re: Need Help with an Exchange 2003 Project

          if you're building a new AD environment (although, why ?) you can name it whatever you want.
          However - best practice suggests keeping the internal domain name and the external domain name separate - ie and - make sure you can register both names in the public namespace however, to prevent someone taking it.

          you name the frontend server and backend server whatever is appropriat efor your infrastructure. my last organisation, we used a 3-digit code for the company, then S for server (so HRWS) then an identifer up to 3 digits (so for exchange, HRWSEX) then a numeric identifier (so HRWSEX01 and HRWSEX02)

          of course - you should avoid publishing those names on the public DNS...
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