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Public Folders instead of distribution groups

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  • Public Folders instead of distribution groups

    Hello people,
    I searched the forum and could not really find anything relevant, so a new thread...

    One of our offices has Exchange 2000 Standard and I was asked to setup mail-enabled Public Folders for various departments, so that all incoming group mail would be consolidated in a separate folder per department, like an archive of some sort and a replacement for the usual distribution groups... Basically, one big helluva dump..
    It is a silly idea, but the management wants it and I have to comply. I did what they asked me to do and everything works OK-ish, however I noticed that
    1. Users keep draging messages over to their own Personal Folders, so this adds to their workload - finding individual messages and dragging them over;
    2. The size of the store is increasing at an alarming rate -> attachments;
    3. Backup Exec doesn't seem to like this either - am starting to get various errors...

    I am wondering whether somebody on this forum had similar problems and what in your opinion would be the most elegant way of implementing Public Folders for this purpose? or, perhaps, some reputable third party solutionas are out there?
    Alternatively, if you think that such idea is silly, I would love to hear your arguments against it.. please.

    Sorry if the above doesn't make much sense - its already past midnight at where I am .
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Public Folders instead of distribution groups

    Might be a good idea to explain to management the costs of doing it the way they want it. if you can prove to them it is more costly in labour and hardware you might get what you want.


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      Re: Public Folders instead of distribution groups


      Please explain the logic behin bringing up this thread from the dead? 3 years AFTER is was posted?

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services