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  • Online Backup Exchange 2003

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question. I know when online backup (full and incremental) runs it will purge transaction log files after it finishes.

    I wanted to ask you all. Let say online backup starts at 8:00 PM and finishes at 4:00 AM now it will purge all the T Logs which were created and committed before 8:00 PM. Now here is where i need clarification. While online backup is running exchange continues to receive emails and continue to make T Logs. So the transaction logs created while the backup is running ... will they also be purged after backup finishes or they will be purged when backup runs next time
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    Re: Online Backup Exchange 2003

    The backup time is the time the job started. Therefore anything that occurs during the backup window will not be purged.
    You will also find that during a backup, Exchange also backups up at least one or two of the transaction log files to ensure consistency.

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