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Exchange recall option from a DL

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  • Exchange recall option from a DL


    I would like to if is posible to make a recall of a message which had been sent from a distribution list as send as option.

    To the user who has the right to send as, and the one who sent the email the option to do the recall is not available.

    So exist a way to recall the message from exchange, even better exist a way to delete the message are to all the people who has the message in the inbox?.

    Or what abou if the exchange admin can do the recall if the account is configure on a machine?.

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    Re: Exchange recall option from a DL


    Just wonder if you have actually tried to send an email with From address as DL, coz this is not possible, send as permission are mailbox permission, you won't get it on DL

    But if it's just a regular mailbox user then you need to open the sent items folder. Open the message select other options select recall this msg (OL 2007)

    It's similar to OL2003
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      Re: Exchange recall option from a DL

      Message recall rarely works correctly.
      The number of elements for it to work mean that it is almost impossible to make it happen successfully and all it does is highlight the message.
      I tell all of my clients to pretend that message recall doesn't exist. That way they will not embarrass themselves trying to use it.

      If the message has been read - it fails. If the message has been moved, it fails. If the message has been forwarded or sent to the Internet, it fails. In all cases the message recall message is seen.

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