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Using 3 exchange servers in one LAN

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  • Using 3 exchange servers in one LAN

    I have been working with Exchange for about 5 years now, I consider myself to know a lot but I do feel a little dumb, so Im going to ask the question.

    Right now, I have a front end and a back end server, front end is Win2k3/ Exch2k3 Enterprise used for webmail / Mobile Email Connectivity

    The Back end server is where the DB is, sits behind the firewall...

    If I wanted to ad another exchange server on the back end on the same LAN, will this mess up AD at all? Will I have any problems adding this server without messing with the production servers?

    I know as long as I dont give it the same IP address, same name, ect... I should be OK but I need to create a mid point as I am going through an exchange upgrade soon and I need to get a server ready to move the DB over to it temperilly when im in transition between the old and new...

    Bottom line - will I corrupt, confuse or destroy my Production environment by adding a 3rd exchange server?

    ALso, can I have it as a 2007 server and still work with the 2003 back end??

    Thanks in advance... looking for ideas!!


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    Re: Using 3 exchange servers in one LAN

    You can have as many Exchange servers as you like. As long as you don't have a smart host on the SMTP virtual server Exchange deals with the routing. Email can be delivered to any server.

    If you are using FE/BE then just ensure that the frontend is at the same or higher patch level. A common mistake is to patch the new server and then the new server is higher than the frontend.

    You are also aware that the frontend server can be standard edition of Exchange and Windows? It does not need to be Enterprise. Therefore you could swap the licences round. Rebuild the frontend with standard edition and use Enterprise for the mailbox server.

    With regards to Exchange 2007, Exchange 2007 can replace the frontend server. However you will be unable to have a mailbox server running Exchange 2007, because the frontend needs to be the same or higher.

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