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Need help... Exchange setup

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  • Need help... Exchange setup

    Ok I am new to exchange and want to get my own mail server setup. I have 2003 enterprise and a roadrunner isp account. I use no-ip and a few other dns resolution services. Do i need to get a real domain name or can i use this. How do i go about configuring this? Basically I need help beginning to end. I have it install and mail works oiiin my domain but i want to connect it to the outside.
    Can someone give me a hand or point me in the direction of a comprehensive tutorial.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need help... Exchange setup

    You need a domain which gives you MX records. These MX records identify your mail server so when a mail server gets mail for [email protected] it looks at the MX record for the IP address of your mail server. Dont know if no-ip supports MX records.

    The other way would be to use a POP connector and get someone else (your ISP for example) to look after storing your mail then your exchnage server collects it and puts it in your users relevant mailboxes.

    Hope this helps
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      Re: Need help... Exchange setup

      i've same problem...have you find a solution/tips?


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        Re: Need help... Exchange setup

        Lets asume you have pop3 mailboxes at your provider or somewhere else. (example:
        Install exchange in your domain (example
        Get popconpro at:
        Let popcon draw all mails from [email protected]
        Let pocon put the mail in you local store at [email protected]
        Obviously you will have to create the smtp address [email protected] both at your exchange AServer as well at your pop3 mail provider.

        As an alternative you can try Windows 2003 SBS.
        It has a pop3 connector by default, this can also do the same trick.

        Good luck!