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New Exchange 2003 server forwarding through old exchange server

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  • New Exchange 2003 server forwarding through old exchange server

    Hi guys, hoping you might be able to help me somewhat with this. I'll let you know now that I'm not that crash hot with Exchange, usually the most I have to do with it is just installing it and setting up mailboxes. So here goes...

    The other day the power got turned off to the building without our knowledge and our Exchange 2003 server died (it's registry and pagin files corrupted something chronic) after spending some time on this, we decided the best course of action was to setup a temporary Exchange 2003 server with new mailboxes and once it was all happy, format and reinstall the original Exchange 2003 server.

    The new server setup fine and I used AD to delete their old mailboxes and recreate them on the new server. Users can send and receive internal emails fine, but can only receive external emails. The external emails by all acounts go out, but don't get to their destination.

    I double and triple checked the SMTP connectors, thinking that might be the issue, but it wasn't. I contacted the providers of our smart host and sent them an exerpt of the SMPT log. According to them the issue is that the new server is forwarding the mail to the old server, which is then trying to send it on to the smart host. Unfortunately because Exchange is no longer running on the old server, the smart host rejects it for not authenticating, throwing the emails off into the aether.

    So to cut a long story short - how do I stop the new server sending the emails via the old server and just get it to send it straight to the smart host? I've scoured both these forums and the Internet for answers, but have come up empty.

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    Re: New Exchange 2003 server forwarding through old exchange server

    Just thought I'd give people an update on this....

    It turns out it was a security issue in the SMTP permissions as in the following picture

    Domain name removed for privacy reasons, of course.

    For some reason, it would go to the old server if the sender didn't have permission. I still don't know why, but this worked so I'm happy. Still happy to hear people's thoughts on why it was looking at the old server though...


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      Re: New Exchange 2003 server forwarding through old exchange server

      Exchange doesn't send email through another server unless it is told to.
      The usual cause is a smart host set on the SMTP virtual server, or the SMTP Connector configured incorrectly.

      If the old server was broken, you should have done a DR on it, rather than building a completely new server. Exchange DR is quite easy if the domain is operational, and would have got you back to the position where you were at the point of failure quickly.

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