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Uninstalling Office/Outlook from Exchanger server

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  • Uninstalling Office/Outlook from Exchanger server

    In an effort to clean up our Exchange 2003 SP2 server I'm considering uninstalling Office which includes Outlook from it (don't ask why it was installed in the first place since I have no idea).

    Are there any possible issues that I could come across because of the uninstall? All I could find is:,00.html and I'm a bit hesitant to uninstall now, if a reinstall of Exchange might be necessary. Exchange runs OK now and I want to leave it as it is.

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    Re: Uninstalling Office/Outlook from Exchanger server

    It shouldn't be something you have to consider - it is unsupported, so needs to be done. You are living on borrowed time - an update to either Exchange or Office could break it.

    Remove it, then reboot. See if Exchange comes back up again. The worst case scenario is that Exchange has to be reinstalled (that is reinstall, so the data is kept in place). If you do have to reinstall, remember that you will have to reinstall the service pack and post service pack updates as well.

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