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  • One for Simon or Daniel to check

    Something in the back of my mind is nagging me about a "catch" (a post by Simon somewhere perhaps) to this upgrade. Involves NT4 Server, Exchange 5.5 upgrading to Windows Server 2003.

    May be nothing and the back of my mind may just be a gaping hole.
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    Re: One for Simon or Daniel to check

    Wrong way round on the upgrade.

    You create two domain controllers in NT4.
    One is taken offline and stored elsewhere.
    You then upgrade the live server to Windows 2003 in place.
    Then create another Windows 2003 machine and DCPROMO it in.

    If all is good, the offline DC is trashed - it should NOT be brought back on to the domain.
    Furthermore, the upgraded Windows 2003 DC is then DCPROMO out and also trashed. I used to use old hardware for that, but the last two I did I used a VM.
    A machine that has been in place upgraded should not be left in production.

    The upgrade should NOT be done offline, because that is a pointless task. The domain controllers will be out of sync, machine account issues, domain versioning issues, all I can see is problems doing it that way.
    The only reason I would do it offline is for a lab work, and the upgraded DC would not come on to production.

    The DNS is a concern, because of the way that AD is heavy on the DNS. It will work, but login will be really slow because the clients will be using broadcast. If WINS can be maintained, that might help. Personally I would use a script to change the clients to DHCP and if they want to use a static address, use reservations. Put the DHCP range on a short lease time so that the DNS change is live very quickly.

    I also do not see a reference to the Active Directory Connector, which will be required to maintain Exchange 5.5 support.

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