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Client cannot send us emails

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  • Client cannot send us emails

    We're running a sbs2003 sp2 single server network with a Firebox Edge router receiving emails via SMTP. There is one, and only one, client that cannot send us emails although he gets ours without any issue. I have checked the logs of the router and SMTP server and his emails never reach us. I have listed below the diagnostic information generated by our client's server and the only curious thing is in the reference section, his emails are somehow finding our local network, @server2.mydomain.local
    Diagnostic information for administrators:
    Generating server: BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM

    [email protected]
    #550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired ##
    Original message headers:

    Received: from BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM ([fc80::2.8ra:d07f':JJS7:7f2f]) by
    BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM ([fe8fJ::2flca:dU7f: nS7: lt2fo/h14l) with mapi
    Mon, 1 Feb 2010 10:37:43 -0.500
    From: sender <[email protected]>
    To: recipient < [email protected]>
    Date: Mon, 1. Feb 2010 10:3/:47--0500
    Subject: RE: Please reply, I think we're In shape
    Thread, Topic: Please reply, I think we're in shape
    Thread-Index: AcqjUSGWSfXhSEzlQVG4Hil<:W,liP(JAMHJ<lJAAAAC5NAAAC lc14AAABARQMCE6L Ace:
    Message-ID: <13E91CF11866B74J.B48AE36:3[email protected] BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM >
    References: <070C6D lA7179F740BG7FEAOI\'/[email protected]>
    <UE91CF11865B74104BAE3685CI\09917S137A2109[ii.)[3WN]- BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM >
    <D70C6D1A7179F/40B67fEAOA76F70f3A30fKAB6(r:i)~iE':rv 'r-'[email protected] >
    <13E91CF11866B741B4BAl:3685CA0991751J7A210n(BWNJ-DCm.BODXXINT.COM > <D70C6DIA7179F740B61FEAOA76Fl0BA308CABH«I) @server2.mydomain.local >
    In-Reply-To: <D70C6DlAl179F740B61FEAOt\16F7Ul:1A.:[email protected] er2.mydomain.local:>
    Accept-Language: en-US
    Content-language: en-US

    Lastly I've been able to succesfully telnet to this client.

    Hope someone has some suggestions, this is weird. Thanks. Michael[/FONT]
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    Re: Client cannot send us emails

    The fact that you can telnet to their server has no bearing on their ability to send email to you. Also, the diagnostics in your post look like nothing more than the headers from an email. What diagnostic did you run exactly? Also, the diags don't show anything of any value other then the message expired. These are the two things I would look at as a start:

    1. Can their server resolve the MX record for your domain?

    2. Can they telnet to port 25 on your server from their server?


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      Re: Client cannot send us emails

      The references has nothing to do with it - that is the email message reference, and is seen when you are replying to an existing message. It is how replies are tracked.

      The NDR is message expired, doesn't really mean a great deal. As already pointed out, there could be any number of reasons for it.

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