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Exch2003 -Imap- Email Moved Between Folderss Disappear

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  • Exch2003 -Imap- Email Moved Between Folderss Disappear

    We support Job find Company .
    they have 2 offices. one office in jerusalem where the server sits.
    one office in tel-aviv.
    the connection is 2M Up/Down direct line.
    the users in jerusalem work different from the users in tel-aviv.
    the problem is with the tel-aviv users.
    they use several Shared MailBoxes [[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]] On exchange 2003. - the Operating System used is Sbs2003 Premium.

    they Work With the Imap Protocol, the reason is fast access to the mailboxes, on imap the Mailboxs configured fully sits on the computer and every computer has the same accounts configured, not like smtp that the main mailbox sits on the computer and u can see other mailboxs with share.
    they get thousands of email's a day.

    the problem is, they recieve email to their inbox, they have the usual mailbox folders with several more folder's they created on the same mailbox.
    when they drag and drop the email from the inbox to other folder on the same mailbox, sometimes it DISAPPEAR!
    [or sometimes they claim its move but has a line on it [delete line].]

    maybe if i run exchange defrag it'll help?
    slow connections? [outlook configured to synchronize every 30 Min]
    maybe T-A users should work on terminal placed in Jerusalem?

    i would be happy to get assistance on this a.s.a.p.

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    Re: Exch2003 -Imap- Email Moved Between Folders Disappear

    Defragging the database isn't going to resolve this - it has nothing to do with that.
    This is an IMAP issue. Any reason you aren't using live Exchange connections? If you can run IMAP then you should be able to run Outlook live.

    With so many users accessing the mailbox and using IMAP, it is likely that is the cause of the problems, with multiple users potentially modifying content.

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