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    First of all thanks for the info I found on this forum re moving mailbox stores.
    I thiught I would just post my recent experience.

    We ran out of disk space on exchange 2003 and tried to use eseutil to compact the largest store (278gb). We couldnt even get that file to move to another server to compact it, it just kept crashing out. We tried the eseutil program to move it, after 15 hours it had done 13% so I thought it wasnt working and stopped it.
    I managed to buy some more SCSI disks for the exchange server and installed them. I then did a mailbox store move to the new disks. I started by trying to move a 76gb store, all seemed to be going well, the progress bar want to 100% in about 20 mins so I left it, 15 hours later it still hadnt finished, panic was now setting in. I saw that the process window wasnt responding so I stopped it and did some more searching the internet for advice, which i found here.
    I decided to move one of our smaller groups (26gb). This time I had more patience and just waited until it finished, it took 12 hours in the end. We are now back up and running.
    Surely there must be a better way to manage these large exchange files

    Thanks again for the advice and experiences

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    Re: Mailbox Store Move

    You are obviously using Enterprise edition, as that is the only version that allows you to have more than one information store.

    The simple answer is to have smaller information stores. On Enterprise edition you can have four storage groups with four mailbox stores in each group. Therefore with careful planning the size of the store can be restricted down.

    The data is split up and moved by using the Move Mailbox wizard. Your largest store would be replaced completely, and once all data has been removed dropped and the files deleted.

    The percentage bar cannot be trusted. An offline defrag processes at between 1 and 4gb per hour. Therefore on a store of 26gb you would be looking at a time of at least 26 hours. The larger store I wouldn't even consider doing an offline defrag on.

    To be blunt - your server has been poorly managed and the mailbox configuration poorly designed to allow things to get out of hand in that way.

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