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Exchange sending unwanted e-mails

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  • Exchange sending unwanted e-mails

    Hi all.

    Every morning when I open my outlook I get nearly 50 to 100 emails stating undeliverable. I cannot find out from where these messages and originating and who is sending these messages. The first image show the undeliverable message notification in my inbox and the second image displays the information of message tracking.

    Here is the name of my domain and the other domains are not related to my company.

    My exchange server is not set to open relay.
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    Re: Exchange sending unwanted e-mails

    Either you have an open relay, or it's just a lot of reverse spam. They spoof your email address and send out. It gets bounced back to you in the error message, but with their spam intact.
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      Re: Exchange sending unwanted e-mails

      Originally posted by Wired View Post
      Either you have an open relay
      My Exchange is not set to open relay. Can you please advice how to get rid of this thing


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        Re: Exchange sending unwanted e-mails

        Are you sure on this? To me it really looks like an open relay.
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          Re: Exchange sending unwanted e-mails

          give this a whirl, just to be sure:

          then.. if you're certain it's not an open relay, start checking inside your environment for inappropriate activity...
          unfortunately, there's no real way to stop reverse spam..
          Sure, you could use something like Sender Protection Framework (SPF), however not enough organisations are using that for it to really matter..
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            Re: Exchange sending unwanted e-mails

            Could be an authenticated relay. There are various ways that the server can be abused.
            Authenticated relaying is enabled by default in Exchange. You would have to disable it and then change the passwords for everyone and all services.

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