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Client to server sync email missing

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  • Client to server sync email missing

    We have a user that seems to have there exchange mailbox out of sync with exchange. We first noticed this when she loged into Citrix and noticed she only had 23 emails in a folder instead of 58, we checked her local pc and all 58 were there.

    To rule out citrix issue i added her mailbox on my copy of outlook and the emails were still missing, i changed the flags on all emails to try and force a sync because send/receive was not changing anything. This worked nearly...41 emails instead of 58. the last emails had nothing special about them and were from various senders etc.

    I have checked the send and receive groups with that folder ticked/unticked.
    creating another folder and moving the email across. no change.
    checked file sizes on local and server they are different but after some reading this can just because the way server 2003 stores the emails in a compressed state.

    I dont really want to disable cache mode for fear of losing them emails. Ill run a backup of her outlook soon just incase but does anyone have any ideas?

    We are running exchange 03 on server 03 and the user has outlook 03 running in cache mode on xp machine.

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    Re: Client to server sync email missing

    What does OWA show? That is the true view of the mailbox.
    If that shows a smaller number then the email has been removed from the store and cached mode hasn't updated correctly. Usually that means the OST file is corrupt. Export the missing items to a PST file, delete the OST file and let it rebuild. Then import the missing items again. They should sync back up to the server and can be seen in OWA.

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      Re: Client to server sync email missing

      Instead of going though all her folders trying to find missing emails, i exported the mailbox using the standard import/export tool in outlook to a pst and after i deleted the ost file and outlook finished creating a new ost i imported that backup with a tick in the box for dont allow duplicates.

      so far no problems thanks for your help.