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Junk mails from Group mail id

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  • Junk mails from Group mail id

    Dear Teches,

    I have Exchange 2003 Sp2 front end and Back end servers in my environment. everything is going well except this junk mails. We have Trend micro interscan spam filter to scan inbound & outbound Mails. we don't have any issue with that, it is working smoothly.

    we are receiving some junk emails from the last 2 days. we have a group called xxxx, we are getting junk mails from that group mail id to that group. so how can i block this emails.

    Any immediate help will highly appreciated.


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    Re: Junk mails from Group mail id

    It could just be a spoof of the group address. Exchange resolves the address and changes the display name. You need to look at the headers to see if the message is coming from outside and being sent TO the group, or just appears to be coming FROM the group.

    If it is coming as if it is from the group, then there is nothing specific you can do about it. It is no different to the spoofing of a user account. A decent antispam application should be able to deal with spoofed emails - if it cannot then you need to find another one. All spam is spoofed.

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      Re: Junk mails from Group mail id

      Might be worth a call to Trend.
      However, I had a similar problem with an internal mailbox that was left (deliberately) unprotected that we wanted to forward email to a couple of users. At the forward level we wanted to filter for spam, however Trend told us that internally it would not filter; they sent me a feature request.

      Good Luck with that!