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OWA stopped working

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  • OWA stopped working

    hi ive had OWA working for a while,

    but then about a week ago it stopped,

    internally it works fine wheather you use:


    but from outside the network

    you get the popup box asking for username - password,

    it thinks about it for a second but then the username - password prompt comes back up.

    ive tried it with domain/username

    and it just comes up with a blank screen with error in the top right hand corner.

    any idea's ?



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    Re: OWA stopped working

    Maybe a Security/Certs issue? Just guessing.

    Have you checked your authentications in IIS? Are you using SSL? Anything change iin the last week? Updates?

    Just looking for anything differnet.

    Good Luck
    Pete C.


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      Re: OWA stopped working

      Is the OWA box in a DMZ..?

      Can the OWA ping any of the domain controllers..?

      Can the OWA box do a nslookup for a domain controller and does it return a FULLY qualified DNS name for it..? (eg.. you nslookup YOURDC01 and it returns YOURDC01.YOURDOMAIN.WHATEVER)


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        Re: OWA stopped working

        Thanks for trying to help guy's

        been stupidly busy lately so not had a chance to check back or even try and have a look at what was wrong

        for some strange reason decided to follow the tutorial on the home page about setting up forms based authenitication, (left it using ssl)

        so now staff get a much friendlier frontpage, it works, and its more secure.