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RPC/HTTPS Frustration

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  • RPC/HTTPS Frustration

    It must be something obvious I'm missing but I cannot locate the issue.

    I have read and re-read countless TID's, KB's on configuration of RPC/HTTPS.

    Our current config consists of:

    2 Exchange 2003 boxes
    GC on separate boxes

    Have configured all settings on the Exchange server, however when testing with outlook.exe /rpcdiag (with only PORTS 80/443) open on the Exchang server, it fails to make a connection to Exchange. It does connect to our DC via TCP/IP.

    The registry settings have been checked.
    Virtual directory has been checked.

    Where is my obvious oversight on this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: RPC/HTTPS Frustration

    There are only three reasons why this feature fails.
    1. Authentication.
    2. SSL certificate.
    3. Registry Settings.

    Authentication means putting Basic in the client and having Integrated on the virtual directory.
    SSL certificate means the certificate isn't accepted by the client. Common if the certificate is self signed.
    Registry settings mean what they say - an error either on the Exchange server or the domain controller.

    Use a test account and the Microsoft test site to see what that flags up.

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      Re: RPC/HTTPS Frustration

      Thanks for the reply. Finally got some time again to work on this and not exactly sure what the issue was but we made 2 changes, one was a rule on the firewall and one was to change the certificate from just the NETBIOS name to the FQDN.

      RPC/HTTPS success!