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Exchange RPC-HTTP High Bandwidth

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  • Exchange RPC-HTTP High Bandwidth

    Hello All,

    I have a weird problem that I can't figure out, and I'm not certain it is actually a problem. I have several exchange servers running as RPC-HTTP backends with a front end facing the internet. Everything is working fine.

    However, one of the exchange backends seems to be shifting an unsusually high amount of data. This particular server seems to be shifting 6GB over 24 hours, the nearest other exchange server is 2GB in the same time period. It all seems to be happening over port 80. There are about 75 users on this server with 35 of them remote.

    I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid, of if there is anything wrong.


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    Re: Exchange RPC-HTTP High Bandwidth

    Could be any number of reasons for data use. A user moving data around in their mailbox or attempting to send a large attachment that has to be synchronised.

    There simply isn't enough information to diagnose further.

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