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Exchange 2003 Mailbox Limits (2Gb)

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  • Exchange 2003 Mailbox Limits (2Gb)

    I am looking for any MS documentation that details issues of having 2Gb+ mailboxes in Exchange 2003 (corruption- indexing etc.)

    Pleanty of sites/individuals allude to problems-- but I need proof as to what issues will arrise from "oversize" mail boxes


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    Re: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Limits (2Gb)

    Exchange mailboxes can grow to whatever limits are set on the database. The 2Gb limit generally refers to .pst's pre 2003. ( 2003 upwards have a limit of 20GB AFAIK) The problem is peformance server side as well as client side when the database reaches more than 100GB. Once the information store passes 100GB it immediately becomes inefficient. The inherent problem with large mailbox sizes is house keeping becomes far more challenging.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Limits (2Gb)

      No such documentation exists.
      If you are looking for ammunition to keep 2gb limits then you will not find anything from Microsoft.

      The only issue with large mailboxes is number of items in a single folder, but that can occur at 500mb or 15gb. Keep the number of items in any one folder below 5,000 and you will not see any performance issues.

      Most issues reported with corrupt items are not caused by large mailboxes - the usual cause is third party interference - AV, plugins etc. A large mailbox is something easy to blame the problem on, but is actually not the case.

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        Re: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Limits (2Gb)

        if you're committed to selling your idea, you could try and utilise the section under "cause" in this link:

        to sell your case.. just tell them an OST and PST file is a mailbox.. :P

        (note - I am not recommending this, at all.)
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          Re: Exchange 2003 Mailbox Limits (2Gb)

          Thanks to all!! I appreciate the input
          Condsider this item resolved

          Points all arround!!