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Help on Exchange 2003 Planning

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  • Help on Exchange 2003 Planning

    I am absolutely newbie in Exchange. Excuse me if you find it hard to understand this post.

    - Case 1:
    root domain:
    child domain:

    user1 in root domain with email [email protected]
    user2 in child domain with email [email protected]

    - Case 2:

    For example,
    root domain:

    root domain:

    Only forest1 has Exchange 2003 installed before forest2 exists.

    user1 in forest1 with email [email protected]
    user2 in forest2 with email [email protected]

    Are both cases possible with Exchange 2003?


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    Re: Help on Exchange 2003 Planning

    Exchange org boundaries are the forest. Exchange doesn't care where the user account is. If you are using child domains then you need to ensure that all domains are prepped for Exchange 2003, but that is all.

    If you have two forests then the other forest is treated by Exchange as an external server. You would then have to configure Exchange for that scenario. It complicates things, but can be done.

    For design questions though your best option is to engage an experienced consultant.

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      Re: Help on Exchange 2003 Planning

      Hi Sembee,

      Thanks for the advice.

      - Case 1:

      If I understand you correctly, user1 in root domain can migrate to the new child domain and keep his email address? What's the official tool that support such migration?

      When Exchange was installed in the root domain, forest prep and domain prep would have been applied. So I just need to domain prep the child domain again. What else do I need to do to the Exchange?



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        Re: Help on Exchange 2003 Planning

        For migrating users from the root domain to the child domain look into ADMT a free tool provided by Microsoft.

        For the child domain you are right you have to /domainprep this domain and thats it.