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global address list not updated

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  • global address list not updated

    good morning

    i have user name samia ramahie she need to change name samia ramahi , first i rename it then i delete it and create a new user on active directory with new name , but all user still find on address book the old name and didnt recive on here email , what can i do .

    please advice
    samer Sulaiman

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    Re: global address list not updated

    Are your clients in cached mode?
    If so then it can take up to 48 hours before the change is seen by all client users.
    You can verify through OWA that the change is active because that uses live information.

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      Re: global address list not updated

      thanks alot ...

      the change in GAL done maybe as you said it need a time i made change yesterday @ 11:00 AM and No the Clock 12:00 PM i think it just need time

      samer Sulaiman


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        Re: global address list not updated

        depending on the size of your address list you can force it to rebuild - go to ESM, expand 'Recipients', select 'Offline Address Lists'. Assuming you only have the Default Address List, right-click it and choose 'Rebuild'. It will warn you that it might take some time - just say 'OK', then go to your client workstation and do a send/receive. If you look at the send receive details you will see when it says 'Processing address book file' or somethign like that - and once that's done the address list in Outlook will be up to date.

        We have a very small office with 20 users on Exchange, I have used this method quite often in making changes - the rebuilding of the address list takes seconds.