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OWA 2003 + Windows 2008 DC

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  • OWA 2003 + Windows 2008 DC

    whenever i try to login to OWA i get this error:
    Error"The stub received bad data"
    this happened after i upgraded the Active directory domain controllers from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008 R2
    the Exchange server is 2003 running on a Windows 2000 servers
    i checked the event logs and it is all full of event id 529 and 681
    something related to Kerberos authentication

    Please help
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    Re: OWA 2003 + Windows 2008 DC

    You will have to turn down the default authentication on the domain.
    Windows 2008 wants to use NTLMv2 if I recall correctly and it will have to be changed in the Domain Controller Security Policy to NTLM I think.

    I haven't run the combination of Windows 2000 in a Windows 2008 R2 domain, the generation gap is much too wide for my liking. I would have preferred to have got Exchange off Windows 2000 before upgrading the domain personally.

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      Re: OWA 2003 + Windows 2008 DC

      well, i solved the problem by installing another front-end server and moving all services to the front-end server.
      the old front end is still not accepting owa clients and giving the same error message.

      however, i am migrating to Exchange 2010 and i won't be using the old system anyway

      Thanks everyone