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Read other people's exchange email.

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  • Read other people's exchange email.

    my colleague created an rule at "out of office Assistant" , he checked the "move to" box and didn't specific which folder he want to move to.( "Microsoft office Outlook" has be select), so he didn't get any of email in this time period in his outlook and webmail, but I checked "message tracking center", all emails did send to his local mail store, anyway to find those emails and resend?
    second thing is how do I read the content of these emails from exchange server? the mailbox store's "Archive all messages send or received..." has not been checked.
    thanks in advance!

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    Re: Read other people's exchange email.

    I could be wrong but I dont think Message tracking holds the complete email, just details of sender, recipient etc.

    As archiving isnt switched on they wouldnt have been delivered to anywhere other than the mailbox they were intended for.


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      Re: Read other people's exchange email.

      Message tracking is just the log of the email as it went through. It does not contain any of the contents. If there was nothing set in the rule then the messages are lost.

      The only way to get them back would be to remove the rule, then restore from a backup and replay the transaction logs. However if you have taken a backup during the time period then it wouldn't get the data back.

      OOTO message should really be left as it is, not combined with anything else.

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        Re: Read other people's exchange email.

        thanks! looks like I will not get them back easily.