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Installing Exch. Server 2K on Windows 2K3

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  • Installing Exch. Server 2K on Windows 2K3


    Is this possible to install MS-Exchange Server 2000 which is bundled with SBS 2000 on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server.

    Thanx in advance.


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    Re: Installing Exch. Server 2K on Windows 2K3


    no you cant install Exchange 2000 on windows 2003
    you can see in the doc
    Noam Greenberg
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      Re: Installing Exch. Server 2K on Windows 2K3

      Beyond the question about Exchange 2k on Windows 2k3 is an underlying question - can you install a service that comes with SBS versions of Windows on another server? The short answer is NO!

      If you have Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint or other packages that come with (and are licensed for) an SBS server, you can not take the service off the SBS server and install it elsewhere. Microsoft feels that if you want the advantages of splitting these things off to other servers, you should pay for it by purchasing the licenses individually. SBS has special "bundled services" pricing. In exchange for a lower price for the complete package, there are limitations.

      SBS 2k has all the goodies, but is limited to 50 users. SBS 2k3 can go up to 75 users, but doesn't come with all the goodies that SBS 2k had. Both of them require that the SBS Server is the one and only primary domain controller, and if there are other domain controllers added to the domain, they can never be promoted to be the boss. The SBS server can't be added to a domain - it insists on being the boss. And the install CD will NOT install any of the goodies (like Exchange or SQL) on another server.

      If you just want to learn about a Win2K3 server, or an Exchange2K3 server, you can download trial versions from Microsoft. I can tell you that it is well worth the effort to install these on an old machine, then experiment and learn using a server on which you can do anything.
      Rex Derby