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  • Exchange with website subscription

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the integration of Exchange and website development. I'm looking for some advice please. Our company has a website which provides financial services to subscribed users. Our webdevelpers are looking for a way to use our Exchange Server as an SMTP relay (no problem there) and get information on sent (successful and non-successful) emails. This would have to involve our database because they don't want invalid entries/users/subscribers to flood our database with useless data. What is the method or good practice for websites and email management with subscribers in an Exchange environment?

    Would we need a third party tool to perfrom these tasks?


    Exchange 2003 Ent SP2 and Windows Server 2003 Ent SP2
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    Re: Exchange with website subscription

    Recommendation number 1 - don't use Exchange.
    Exchange is a very very poor bulk emailing tool.

    If you want to end email out to subscribers then buy a product that can do that for you, which is designed to do it. Most of them will have their own SMTP engine. It should ideally have its own domain/sub domain so that any bounces etc come back to the server directly and not through Exchange.

    Own IP address as well, so that when the messages get flagged as spam (because people are stupid, will forget they subscribed and will report it as spam) it doesn't block your main server as well.

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      Re: Exchange with website subscription

      Hey Simon,

      Thanks for your reply and recommendation. I'll look in to a third party tool to accomplish this task. We've just purchased a server which can be used for this and it can be provided with an external IP.