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Smtp connectors for external emails

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  • Smtp connectors for external emails

    Posts Iíve read here and elsewhere get me frustratingly close to solving the problem of setting up an external email service Ė but as a 70 year old I just need that last little shove !!

    For our Youth Clubs and Community Centre we have Windows Server 2003 providing a local domain (youthclubs.local) and shared internet access. We recently added Exchange Server 2003 and that gives us an INTERNAL email service which works well.

    We recently acquired an internet domain name and Iíve set up the nameservers with (A) and MX records

    Unfortunately I havenít been able to set up an external email service and Iím supposing itís down to correctly setting SMTP connectors ??

    There seem to be two locations where these can be set.
    (1) Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties: Delivery Tab: Advanced button
    (2) Connectors: Internet Mail SMTP Connector (which currently gives ĎClubs-Serverí as the local bridgehead)

    How and where do I make the additional entries to send/receive external emails ?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Re: Smtp connectors for external emails

    on your internet mail SMTP connector is where mine is configured..

    Are you getting any particular errors in relation to not being able to send externally ?
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      Re: SMTP connectors for external emails

      DO NOT touch the configuration of the SMTP virtual server. The best practise is to configure an SMTP Connector for delivery.

      Although unless you need to use a smart host, Exchange should attempt to deliver email out to the Internet on its own. The main reason why that would fail is that your ISP is blocking SMTP traffic. Then you would use an SMTP Connector to send the email through your ISPs SMTP Server - a smart host in Exchange-speak.

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        Re: Smtp connectors for external emails

        Thanks for the advice - I'll post again when things seem to be working OK


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          Re: Smtp connectors for external emails

          Hello again. I now seem to be able to send external emails but they arrive at the recipient mailbox showing my ".local" domain address.
          Replying to those messages or sending a new message results in 'unrouteable address' or 'user unkown in virtual alias table' messages. I have however, been able to successfully send messages to my internet mail address via telnet and using messages from the command line.
          I'm a little less perplexed but obviously still have some way to go !!


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            Re: Smtp connectors for external emails

            Finally got it working OK !! Set the external domain name as the primary email address in Recipient Policies and reset the MX record at ZoneEdit. Thanks for the help.