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Enable double receiving mails

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  • Enable double receiving mails

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to Exchange and not too familiar, but I'm trying to learn as much as possible, so I have a little problem. There is Exchange 2003 R2, and everything is set up and working fine. For testing reasons I've created 2 mail groups (Global - Distribution group, mailbox-enabled), they should distribute mails to another mail group. So, when I send an email to these mailboxes (distribution group 1 and 2) users inside mailgroup3 receive only one mail, not 2. For example:
    1 distribution group is clienttest1
    2 distribution group is clienttest2
    3 distribution group is support

    And when I'm checking Tracking messages there was description that mails have been delivered locally to users inside distribution group 3, but only from clienttest1 for example. I need these users inside distribution group 3 to receive 2 mails, one from clienttest1, one from clienttest2.
    I think that somehow Exchange detects that the receivers are the same and eliminate the second mail. Also I've created an user and set it as member of distribution group 2, and forwarded all his mails again to distribution group 3, but the result was the same. I think that there is a rule or policy inside Categorizer or something like this. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Re: Enable double receiving mails

    my understanding is that's how exchange is supposed to work...
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      Re: Enable double receiving mails

      Yeah, this option (not to send double mails) has a lot of sense to me, but isn't there any way to edit this settings just for 1 user or one group? just for testing? 10x


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        Re: Enable double receiving mails

        Its not possible to disable this behaviour.
        The messages are identical. There is no point having two copies.

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