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accessing mail exchange via outlook 2003 from home

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  • accessing mail exchange via outlook 2003 from home

    Dear All

    I am facing an issue with outlook 2003. I am trying to connect my home desktop with my companies mail exchange server. I have done all the setting of accessing through RCP via HTTP but I am not being able to retrive the mail. My desktop is not on the domain.

    When I try to access the mail server with my laptop which is registered on companies domain I am able to retrieve mails.

    My question is that if I am trying to access from outside the corporate network then does it matter if my machine is register on the network or not coz I am giving login in the form of domain\login

    Also if there is anyway that I can download my mails to outlook without registering my machine on the domain pls let me know. Thanks


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    Re: accessing mail exchange via outlook 2003 from home

    Are you sure that RPC over HTTPS is enabled on the server? If you are not the Exchange administrator then you may not know. There could also be other restrictions in place. You should speak to your Exchange server administrator, as they are the only one who can tell you if what you want to do is possible.

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