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question regarding mail routing

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  • question regarding mail routing

    Hi All

    I have exchange 2003 here, running fine (

    our parent company are running exchange 2k but are in the process of upgrading to 2k7 (

    We are in the process of setting up a point to point vpn and domain trust, fine so far.

    My question is that my domain has users that will soon have accounts and email addresses on our parents companys exchange box.

    They will need to send email from both and

    What would I need to do to ensure that mail from [email protected] goes through the corrrect exchange server and same with [email protected] does the same and routes correctly.

    Hoping I have explained this correctly.


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    Re: question regarding mail routing

    So they'll havr separate user accounts and mailboxes in each domain? If so, then you can set up two Outlook profiles for each user, one profile for each domain.

    You could also set up one Outlook profile with two accounts: one Exchange account and one POP account (pop to the second mailbox).


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      Re: question regarding mail routing

      Yeah thats what I was thinking, would probably use IMAP rather than pop but looks like we are both thinking the same way

      Thanks for the confirmation


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        Re: question regarding mail routing

        Glad to help.