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Hosted Exchange setup? How to?

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  • Hosted Exchange setup? How to?


    So I'm seeing all of these hosted exchange offerings pop up.. And I'm curious how the do it? How they configure Exchange to run all of the these domains? I know that you can accept email from multiple domains via recpient policies. BUt it seems that they must be doing something different to segreate all of the different accounts that they are selling?

    How are the configuring Exchange to do this, without being a giant PIA to maintain and setup?


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    Re: Hosted Exchange setup? How to?

    The simple fact is that it is a pain to setup. Microsoft actually say that unless you are going to host in excess of 10,000 mailboxes not to setup your own environment, but outsource it. I have done the maths and I can't make it pay until 15,000.

    Then there is the small matter of the price war between Google and Microsoft's hosted solution.

    What a lot of the hosted Exchange offerings you are seeing actually are is a white label solution from one of the major players. They host it, you brand it. It is only with scale that hosted Exchange makes any money.

    Oh, and most hosted Exchange offerings are done with Exchange 2007, not 2003. I wouldn't build a new deployment with 2003 now.

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