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how to host an exchange

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  • how to host an exchange

    hai guys.thanks in advance.I want to know how we will host the exchange server.(regarding static ip,registration,and internet connectivity.

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    Re: how to host an exchange

    I would suggest, that if you're asking your question in this manner, without demonstrating that you really have a clear understanding or what you're trying to achieve, or the requirements to acheive your aims, that you would be better arranging for a consultant to perform this task for you.

    Alternately - if you want to ask some more pointed, intelligent, thoughtful questions that show you've done some research, rather than just expecting someone to give you the entire process (which, I may add, you could find, if you employed your powers of Googlefu) then I might be able to give you some more answers.

    Have specific questions to specific issues though, not "how do i do this"
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