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Bigger Drives causes no Stores to Mount

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  • Bigger Drives causes no Stores to Mount

    On an SBS2003 server the OS drives were getting too small. The OS is on a RAID1 array and all data is on a RAID5 array. Replaced the OS drives with larger ones, reinstalled Windows and restored the OS from tape via ntbackup. All seemed well until I tested email and found that neither the Mail or Public stores will mount. Mounting generates a " 0x8004011D" error msg and the event log lists c1041724 error. Rolled back to smaller drives and all is well.

    Have limited access to this server (read: only late at night). Don't understand why this didn't work. Can anyone give me a clue as to what to look at/for when I attempt this again?


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    Re: Bigger Drives causes no Stores to Mount

    Solved my own problem. The transaction logs for Exchange are kept on the OS array and MUST be purged before restoring, otherwise there are merged logs from 2 different times.

    Best to stop SMTP, Exchange, Blackberry, DHCP, Symantec and SQL services before backing up and again when restoring.