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  • Smart Host and SMTP

    Please, I just want someone to explain to me the difference between using a Smart Host or SMTP through a configure DNS. And whats the benefit of using either. Thanks.

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    A smarthost is a mail server that you send all your mail to.

    When using DNS YOU e-mail server handles the delivery to that address.

    An example of smarthosts is when you have an external company scan your mail for viruses and spam, etc, etc before sending it to the person involved. This will take some of the load from your mail server as it has no DNS to worry about.


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      Ill have a go at defining it.

      Say you have a mail server on your site but you dont want to connect directly to the internet. Or your ISP hosts your DNS info and MX records. Well you can use them as a smarthost. Like a mail gateway to the internet. They get all your mail (and yes you could like we do, have them scan for spam and viruses) then it gets forwarded to your internal mail server.

      You can also send mail out this way.
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