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Retrieve the list of user that attend to join a calendar event

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  • Retrieve the list of user that attend to join a calendar event

    I'm really new as a exchange developer and my goal is to develop a simple webpage that going to display the schedule for one week of a specific user. Include the name of all the people that going to take part of a event.

    So, I needed to start from something to get all the data that i will need to do that and i found the code provide by microsoft as example usefull :

    <%@ Language=VBScript%>
    Dim CalendarURL
    Dim Rs
    Dim Rec
    Dim strSubject
    Dim strStartTime
    Dim strEndTime
    Dim strLocation
    Dim strContact

    Set Rs = CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
    Set Rec = CreateObject("ADODB.Record")

    CalendarURL = "file://./backofficestorage/<MYDOMAINE>/MBX/<THEUSERNAME>/Calendar"

    Rec.Open CalendarURL

    Set Rs.ActiveConnection = Rec.ActiveConnection
    Rs.Source = "SELECT ""DAV:href"", " & _
    " ""urn:schemas:httpmail:subject"", " & _
    " ""urn:schemas:calendar:dtstart"", " & _
    " ""urn:schemas:calendar:dtend"", " & _
    " ""urn:schemas:calendar:location"" " & _

    "FROM scope('shallow traversal of """ & CalendarURL & """') " & _
    "WHERE (""urn:schemas:calendar:dtstart"" >=CAST(""2009-01-01T08:00:00Z"" as 'dateTime')) " & _
    "AND (""urn:schemas:calendar:dtend"" <=CAST(""2010-01-31T08:00:00Z"" as 'dateTime'))" & _
    "ORDER BY ""urn:schemas:calendar:dtstart"" DESC"

    Response.Write "<TABLE border=1>"
    Response.Write "<TR><TD>Subject</TD><TD>Start Time</TD><TD>End Time</TD><TD>Contact</TD><TD>Location</TD></TR>"
    Do Until Rs.EOF
    strSubject = Rs.Fields("urn:schemas:httpmail:subject").Value
    strStartTime = Rs.Fields("urn:schemas:calendar:dtstart").Value
    strEndTime = Rs.Fields("urn:schemas:calendar:dtend").Value
    strLocation = Rs.Fields("urn:schemas:calendar:location").Value

    response.write "<TR><TD>" & strSubject & "</TD><TD>" & strStartTime & "</TD><TD>" & strEndTime & "</TD><TD>" & strContact & "</TD><TD>" & strLocation & "</TD></TR>"
    Response.Write "</TABLE>"
    Set Rs = Nothing
    Set Rec = Nothing
    This code retrieve already all the data i need it to reach my goal. Except the name of the people involved in the event.
    I tried to find this information by using the Exchange SDK and the explorer utility but i can't find this information anywhere.

    So, if somebody could help me on this issue
    From the land of the rising sun ...