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Exchange 2003 address spoof

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  • Exchange 2003 address spoof

    I currently have a single exchange server with an external email address We have another company with a seperate exchange server and domain in our group that will be using an application on a terminal server that emails out using MAPI connections.

    Connecting to the original mailboxes over the wan is not an option.

    I would like to setup exchange mailboxes on for these users but would like every email they send to show as being sent from [email protected]. Unfortunaly outlook doesn't like this when testing.

    Is there anyway I can do this.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Re: Exchange 2003 address spoof

    you could use CustomAttributes, and then create a RecipientPolicy for the users who match CustomAttribute and give them a different sort of email address.

    Or, you could setup the mailbox settings to not automatically apply recipient addresses, and give them a manual address of ?

    does this help you at all ?
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      Re: Exchange 2003 address spoof

      You cannot just put another address in the from line and expect it to work.
      You will need to either have the email addresses inside Exchange, which could cause complications with sending email to the actual operators of the domain, or use a third party tool to do some address rewriting.
      You would need to have multiple accounts though, so that all email isn't rewritten if a third party tool is used.

      Exchange doesn't allow spoofing, it isn't like POP3/SMTP where you can put any address you like as the From line.

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