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email msg body changed

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  • email msg body changed

    Hi ,

    I had the exchange 2003 server on windows 2003 sp2 and, using OutLook Express 6. everything was fine except a user is facing the weird issue this moment.

    the user could able to read a email first time in outlook express. after a few hours later he read that email again but can't read the msg body at all cos all the msg are changed to some letters like encrypted ( Cap letters and small letters ).

    the first line of the msg text shown as below and all are weird texts after that.

    " This is a multi-part message in MIME format "

    that email was coming from our local user and not from the another external domain.

    I hope someone has that same problem before and kindly share your experience to solve it out.


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    Re: email msg body changed

    does the problem only occur with the one destination user, with emails from the one source user ?

    To break this down a bit:

    if examplez sends an email to tehcamel, tehcamel reads it, and it seems fine. then the next time tehcamel reads is, it seems broken

    if examplez sends the same email to danielp, danielp reads it, it seems fine, then reads it again and it's still fine.


    if danielp sends the same email to tehcamel, tehcamel reads it, it seems fine. reads it a second time, it seems broken

    or danielp sends email to tehcamel, tehcamel reads it, it's fine. reads it again, still fine
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