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Problem with Check Name in Outlook/Exchange/AD

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  • Problem with Check Name in Outlook/Exchange/AD

    I have an interesting dilemma. I have a server running Windows/Exchange 2003 SP2, and a user running Outlook 2007. The other day she reported that her computer kept asking for her password. When I looked at it, it was her email that kept prompting for a user name and password. Her user account was under jpsmith (fake name of course...) and her password had not been changed. So I deleted and recreated her profile, thinking that would fix it, but it kept coming back requesting a password. Her computer is on the domain, and she can access network files and such.

    I then tried to create a new profile again, but this time when I put her account under the server name in the Outlook setup, a "Check Name, Microsoft Outlook does not recognize" message came up and asked for a different account. The choice that came up was her name, strangely enough. But when I looked at the properties of the account it was showing, it had her login as jsmith, not jpsmith.

    So I went to the server and looked everywhere in AD and Exchange, but could not find that account anywhere. So I assume it is some sort of orphaned user account. I also know its something server related, because I logged into another domain pc with her proper credentials and tried to add her mailbox and the same thing happened.

    Where do I go to find this account and remove it? Exchange? AD?

    A few things I have tried in addition to the above:

    1. The Active Directory Cleanup Tool is based on actually finding the user accounts to see if they are duplicated. In this case, there are two DC's, and neither of them can find the "jsmith" account whatsoever, so it can't be run.
    2. I did a find on the alias, nothing. I did a find on the LDAP query, nothing. I even did adsiedit to look at the users in the domain container, nothing.
    3. I don't know how to check when the account was created because both DC's have no record of the account from what I've found, even though it's showing up under /ou=Domain/o=Domain.local/cn=Recipients/cn=jsmith
    4. I do not get any errors in the Event Viewer.