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Shared Contacts Question

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  • Shared Contacts Question


    We are using Outlook 2003 and 2007, in an Exchange 2003 environment. The department I work in is a part of a much larger organization. Because of this, we have some restrictions with the way we would ideally like to be able to work within Exchange.

    In particular, we have issues with setting up group distribution lists. For reasons I cannot explain, we are not allowed to create these groups in the GAL. So, I have limited options. Currently, users just have a non self-updating contact list. I'm really looking for ways around this. Since we cant use the GAL, I was hoping to be able to create a generic account, add our departmental contacts and distro lists to it, and then share those contacts out to other users in the department. This sort of works, but with the shared contact group it does let me see the contacts as a part of the Outlook Address Book. So if I create an email, and click 'To', I cant pick that address book to find a contact/distro list. Normally, with my local address books I can right click them, choose the Outlook Address Book tab, and click 'Show folder as an email address book'. This doesnt seem to be an option with shared books. Is there any way to get that list to show up there?

    Any other suggestions or ideas that I may be overlooking? I just want to be able to share the contacts out, so users dont have to continuously update them on their own. But it would be great if the list was also viewable when the users click the 'To' button when creating a new email.

    *edit: We also cannot use public folders for this*

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